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Welcome to the place where you will learn basic information about my blog and Android.

I must admit that I thought for a long time before I finally decided to create this website. In a few sentences, I can describe myself as a big fan of devices with the Android operating system. It seems to me that this is the best system currently available and the number of possibilities it has are almost unlimited. Of course, this means that it has a lot of disadvantages, but in my opinion the advantages are a huge advantage here. What is the most important information available about Android. Find out here. Android is obviously an open source operating system. It is used on devices such as smartphones, tablets and netbooks. What is worth mentioning is a constantly evolving system. This is ensured by the Open Handset Alliance, a corporate association created by Google. The system itself is based mainly on a free Linux kernel known mainly to people from America and Canada - Windows definitely dominates in other parts of the world.

The most important curiosity about this system is that it has a so-called "application store" which is called Google Play. Now be careful because you can fall off the chair. Currently, almost 50 BILLION installed applications are registered on Google Play (including mobile games). Android is most popular in Asia and South America, but also in countries such as Germany, France or the USA more and more people use devices with this system.